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Hafizullah Mohammadi

show 4 DOST (Friday 5:00PM - 9:00PM) , Cinema (Friday 10:00AM - 11:00AM)
About "Keys of all winnings are hard working, confidante, energy, honesty, togetherness, faith and being professional so, “winning should be habit not desire”.
To me Life is good and exciting with challenges and problems so, we should always face to all positive challenges and to solve all the problems by our own then we can say I have a good and exciting life otherwise the life is meaningless keep in mind that “being different is conditional to have such a life”.
Friends are everything in life after your family and I do have close friends and I feel very lucky to have them in my life.
I love all my fans and people who are supporting me and praying for me I’m sure I cannot do anything except (working day and night, making new shows and concepts) so can express my love for them.
They have given me so much love and that love has taken me to be different and successful always “thank you all my fans and my lovely people”.
Islam is the greatest religion of the world and I’m proud of being a Muslim I hope Allah almighty is showering his blessing on all of us always and forgive our sins.
At the end just one thing ""education and good behavior is door of all happiness in life"". Peace H.M."
personality type (ENTJ) - Extraverted iNtuitive Thinking Judging
Food Not Specail.
Musician Atif Aslam, Farhad Darya, Samy Yusuf
I love Being honest and Proud of being an Afghan.
I hate Weakness, Show off, Lie, Being Harsh, Being Unproessional, Disorganisation
Rjing style Own Aptitude
movie The Message.
Sports Teakwondo, Football & Bodybuilding
Books Holly Quraan, Business
Fashion Own Style
color Black
Hope Peace & Unity
Current Fav song The Cave of Hira
End  I don't care to sit by the window on an airplane. If I can't control it, why look?




Abdul Wali Etemaad

show Shame Arman (7:30 to 8:30 pm)
About I am 20 years from Kandahar &  currently studing Medical Faculty
personality type (Kindly & Friendly
Food Chicken and ( Manto)
Musician Wesal Khyal & Kay Kay
I love Studing
I hate I hate no one.
Rjing style Middle
movie Yes boss - Anjaam - Arnold films
Sports cricket & Football
Books Informative
Fashion Afghani style
color Blue & White
Hope To be the best Doctor & a great journalist
Current Fav song Danush - why this Kolavery
End  I love those who loves me


hareer kakar

show Arzhang 1 to 3
About I am 19 years and working in Arman fm as RJ
personality type calm
Food Macarony
Musician kamal khan
I love studing
I hate war
Rjing style a little fast
movie no films
Sports chess
Books storical and poem
Fashion stylish
color black 
Hope peace
Current Fav song shafiq moreed- rubab
End thanks from you all -  I love all my people

About I love to be happy always
personality type Kind and friendly
Food (KABAB)
Musician It is belong to my mood
I love studing
I hate Lier
Rjing style Calm
movie Devdas
Sports Gymnastic
Books Information
Fashion Style of the day
color Black - blue
Hope To become a good journalish
Current Fav song Rahat fatih ali khan - Nazar se nazar mili
End  Thanks to read my profile

show Drive 4 to 5
About I love to be happy always
personality type Kind and friendly
Food Bean - Rice
Musician Rahat fatih ali khan- Farhad darya
I love Driving
I hate Two facing
Rjing style Fast
movie Horrible - Fight
Sports Gymnastic
Books Information
Fashion Style of the day
color Black - blue
Hope To become a good Journalist
Current Fav song Rahat fatih ali khan - Nazar se nazar mili
End  Thanks to read my profile

show Arman online (3 to 4)
About I am 20 & I love to be friendly with listeners
personality type kind & friendly
Food Rice- bean - chips
Musician Farhad darya - sounu nigam
I love Studing & sport
I hate Lie
Rjing style Middle
movie Body guard
Sports Football
Books Noval
Fashion western & afghani
color Blue & balck
Hope To become an attorney
Current Fav song Shafiq moreed-rubab
End  I want peace

show Mehman chasht
personality type Kind & friendly
Food biriany
Musician Ahamd Zahir
I love My parents
I hate Accusing others
Rjing style Fast
movie Romantic
Sports Cricket
Books Different
Fashion Stylish
color Blue
Hope To become famous
Current Fav song why this kolaveri - chikney chamily
End  I love you all

Ajmal Noorzai

Ajmal Noorzai

personality type Hard
Food when i am angry i want to eat
Musician Akon
I love My mother
I hate Love
Rjing style Fast
movie American movies
Sports Kick box
Books Storical+old books
Fashion African Fashion
color Black
Hope I like to be a stong man
Current Fav song the song that you love
End  Friendship is beautiful then let's become friends.

show 4 khwar khanda + Subhe Arman + Shabraha
personality type Kind and Friendly
Food Ashak and bolani
Musician sherya ghoshal , Rahat fatih ali khan, Farhad darya & Gogoosh
I love Happiness for everone
I hate Lie-back bite- double face
Rjing style As type of show - Natural
movie Fiction
Sports Football
Books poem ( frogh farukhzad & Qahar Asy
Fashion Afhani style ( remal & nail polish)
color Blue - black & white
Hope Peace for everone
Current Fav song Farhad darya - dew hay mast
End  Believe in your strengths and energy, God is with you.

show omid dar naqsha & ekhtesasy juma
About I put the logo ( radio dil ha) for arman fm
personality type naughty & simple
Food afghani food
Musician All
I love lHonesty
I hate Hate
Rjing style Calm
movie Action films
Sports Football
Books No bookes
Fashion Natural
color Light colors
Hope All my wishes came true
Current Fav song Omid Nezami ( ma parenda em
End  I am an open secret but not easy to know me simply

personality type Calm
Food Fast food & Rice
Musician Farhad darya,khailash kher
I love My mother
I hate Liers,bluffers
Rjing style Middle
movie No entry , Hera phery, Khushi, dilwali dulhania lejayengi
Sports Football
Books Quran, Hadis, Novals
Fashion Simple
color Blue & black
Hope I don’t want to see tears even in my enemy's eyes.
Current Fav song Now playing in the Radio
End  Being important is good, but being good is really important.

show 4 dost & yaadin
personality type Naughty
Food Qable
Musician Ahmad zahir, sonu negam , alvis presle
I love lTravling & Sport
I hate Lie
Rjing style Middle
movie Fiction
Sports Basket ball
Books Historical
Fashion Afghani Style
color Black
Hope A lot
Current Fav song Farhad darya - dew hay mast
End  I want the oringinal in afghanistan.
seema safa

show sobhe arman 7 to 10 am + sta yaadona 9 to 10 (Saturday)
About I am 20 borned in Kandhar & currently studing Medical Faculty
personality type Kind
Food (aashak)
Musician Ahamd Zahir, Sonu nigam
I love Studing
I hate Lie,disagree
Rjing style Calm
movie Body guard, Muskaan
Sports Horsing
Books Nobel stories
Fashion Afghani styles
color black & white>(فولادی)
Hope peace
Current Fav song Tume mile(neraj shrerdar) - Tum mile film
End  wish you to achive your all goals

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